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Open in September 2012, Walton Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine features diagnostic sleep tests and follow-up appointments all in one location, making the testing experience convenient for all patients. To ensure an improvement in sleep efficiency and a more accurate study, the sleep lab was designed to simulate the environment of a home. Walton Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine is taking part of a nationwide trend by designing the sleep facility with the comfort, quiet, and patient privacy in mind. Patients will love to know that there is sound reduction padding between bedroom walls, private bathrooms and that beds are topped with the sleep number mattress that can be adjusted to their preferred firmness. Family members are welcomed to come and rest in our cozy lounge that has a flat screen TV, coffee machine, wifi, refrigerator and a microwave.

What will the sleep test be like?
It’s safe and painless. Our clinical evaluation includes a nighttime sleep test that monitors all aspects of your sleep. Our sleep technicians will place sensors on your head and chest to record brain waves, eye movements and heart and muscle activity. Additional sensors will measure breathing and blood oxygen levels. While you sleep in a comfortable, private room, we do all the work.

What happens if I have a sleep disorder?
Once we diagnose a sleep-related disorder, we can successfully treat it. Your physician or sleep specialist will design an effective program based on the results from the sleep test. Here’s your opportunity to get back the sleep you’ve been missing. And you’ll vastly improve your mood, relationships, alertness and general well-being.we do all the work.

Take the Sleep Apnea Test



  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • Sleeping excessively (hypersomnia)


  • Becoming sleepy or falling asleep during everyday activities
  • Two primary symptoms:
    • Excessive daytime sleepiness
    • Periods of loss of voluntary muscle control

Sleep Apnea

  • Unknowingly stopping breathing for several seconds, multiple times nightly
  • Common symptom: Loud snoring
  • Heart, brain and vital tissues deprived of much-needed
  • Oxygenated blood
  • Interrupted nighttime sleep causes excessive daytime sleepiness

Nocturnal Myoclonus

  • Also known as Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Twitching or sudden jerking movement in lower extremities
  • Rhythmic leg jerks that occur every 20 to 30 seconds

Jet Lag

  • Affects or interrupts the sleep-wake schedule
  • Experience with rapid time zone changes
  • Frequent work shift changes
  • Self-imposed irregular sleep schedules


  • Undesirable physical symptoms that appear or worsen with sleep:
    • Night terrors, nightmares
    • Sleepwalking
    • Sleep talking
    • Nighttime bed wetting
    • Teeth grinding
    • Head banging
    • REM disorders
    • Bed wetting

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