What Is A Thoracentesis Test?

If you’re dealing with certain illnesses that may cause fluid to build up, there’s a chance that you might have fluid or air built up around the lungs. This can cause pain and can make it hard to breathe. These symptoms will also usually get worse with physical activity. This is an issue that needs to be caught early on so that further problems don’t develop because of this built-up fluid. The only way to check for this fluid is with a thoracentesis test, which is also known as pleural fluid sampling. Dr. Jeannot at Walton Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine in Conyers and Loganville, GA, can explain what a thoracentesis test is and how it may help you.

What is Thoracentesis Testing?

This testing helps determine if you have fluid building up around your lungs between the rib cage or the diaphragm. It’s important to have this testing done because when thoracentesis testing is done, it enables your doctors in Conyers Loganville, GA, to understand why this build-up has happened and how it can be removed.

Testing is sampled by using a needle to remove some of the fluid. You will be numbed where the needle will be removing fluid and your doctor will usually have you lay forward against some pillows. You should be aware that you may feel some pressure as the fluid is being removed. You may also be asked to hum, which helps prevent you from taking a deep breath. Once the fluid has been removed for testing, you’ll be bandaged and ready to go.

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