Thinking About Quitting Smoking?

Are you ready to quit smoking?

Are you thinking about quitting smoking? Whether you’ve decided to stop for good or you’re just in the beginning stages of deciding whether this is the right step for you, our Loganville, GA, board-certified pulmonologist and sleep specialist Dr. Jeannot understands that deciding to quit can be challenging. We offer helpful tips and strategies to help make quitting smoking easier.

Why Do You Smoke?

Chances are fairly good that you smoke because you enjoy it. You’ve probably been smoking for a while now. It’s important to be aware of what makes you want to smoke. What are your triggers? Being more aware of what activities or scenarios make you want to smoke can also be the key to helping you quit. By knowing what makes you want to smoke you can create lifestyle changes to reduce your desire to smoke.

Make a Plan to Quit

When you choose to quit is also important to your success. For example, if you find yourself a social smoker and you have an event or occasion coming up, you may choose to quit smoking after the event. Also, look at your current lifestyle and any stressors going on. While there may never be a “perfect” time to quit, there may be certain times that make it easier to quit successfully than others. We also know that the first few days are challenging. If you want tips or help with quitting or creating a smoking cessation plan, our Loganville, GA, board-certified pulmonologist can help.

Why Do You Want to Quit?

Choosing a strong “why” for quitting can also help you quit successfully. Perhaps quitting will save you a lot of money and you want to improve your finances. Perhaps you want to quit to improve your health or you want to do this for your family. Knowing the reasons why you want to quit is important. Create a strong “why” and make a list of benefits that you’ll enjoy once you do quit. This can help you stick to the plan.

Are you looking to speak with our Loganville, GA, board-certified pulmonologist Dr. Jeannot about your smoking cessation options? If so, call Walton Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine at (678) 928-9700 to schedule an evaluation. We can help you quit for good.